Publishing Company, Not Registered Investment (or Other Professional) Advice
Top Silver Stocks is a subsidiary of Renewed Mind Publishing, a publishing company and not a purveyor of personalized individual advice, recommendations, suggestions, or otherwise.  Accordingly, nothing shared through any communication channel (by phone, email, website, mail or otherwise) should be taken or otherwise construed as a solicitation or other offer to buy or sell any security or other financial device or instrument expressly mentioned or even implied.  All statements should be taken as mere opinions expressed by the author, as none of the contributors are registered investment advisors unless expressly stated otherwise.  And some statements made are, and are intended to be, “forward-looking statements” that we purpose to qualify for the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.  It would be a mistake to treat any of the content (market trends & observations, “Portfolio” picks, financial analysis, etc.) as either individualized personal legal or financial counseling.  While the sources of information we rely on & leverage to make our own decisions is deemed to be trustworthy, we cannot guarantee it is flawless and that unanticipated results or poor consequences will not stem from either erroneous information or our own bad decisions whether that information is wholly accurate or not.  You should carefully consider consulting any available company prospectus, financial data publicly available, and the company website before investing.  We may even provide links to the company websites at times for your convenience.
Investments Carry Risk, Need For Own Due Diligence
You should soberly accept the fact that any investment, whether through financial vehicles, businesses, or otherwise necessarily carry inherent risks.  Past performance of any actual or hypothetical investment activity is no guarantee, or even predictor, of future results.  Financial markets can change rapidly, and economic conditions can be impacted by any number of factors that can disrupt anticipated results that might be expected based on technical, fundamental, or other analysis.  Such uncontrollable variables can include acts of governments (including foreign countries), war, environmental disasters, weather catastrophes, embargoes, strikes, currency fluctuations, terrorism, civil unrest, and more.  Thus, any blog article, report, video, strategy, methodology, etc. should be taken as mere information tendered for educational purposes, and not the sole basis of any investment decision, for which you (and you alone) are responsible.  Note that any statements that are not solely historical are “forward-looking statements” as defined by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, and you should assume any statement that conveys anticipation or expectation (via any vernacular or parlance) is such a statement.  And you should always assume that there are many factors, including those listed above, that can cause the actual results to vary from any projections, no matter how reasonable, conservative, or otherwise thought possible.  You always have the liberty of latitude to seek “professional” counseling, advice or otherwise from attorneys, individual investment advisors, or other financial counselors who can better assist you with your own due diligence & review of SEC filings, press releases, media interviews, and other sources of information, which can often be complex, confusing, or even apparently conflicting.  This is all the more the case since even our own distillation of information may include errors.  You should never invest funds you cannot afford to lose.  Losses will occur and we cannot guarantee they will be offset by gains.  We can make no guarantees of liquidity based on future unknown buyer & seller demand. So you could find it difficult to exit thinly-traded stocks, for instance, at will.  Otherwise, for example, you could find wide bid-ask spreads and need to be prepared to encounter this as well.  It likely will be impossible to make respectable, sometimes life-changing returns without incurring some losses, and you should be prepared to absorb these on both monetary and emotional levels.
Testimonials, Authentic But Also Not Necessarily Representative
Any testimonials shared are from real people, though their identity may be obscured for personal & privacy purposes.  Any such testimonials may be edited and, while not independently verified, will be retained and kept on file so that they can be produced if and when necessary.  Nonetheless, we cannot even guarantee the accuracy of the stated claim, and we likely would never know the person’s financial condition, risk tolerance, size of the position, duration holding the given investment, etc.  Accordingly, no such testimonial should be construed as a typical result, and certainly not as any promise or potential for you to obtain the same or even similar results.  Indeed, the best practice is to simply expect different results and always monitor your own portfolio performance and make your own decisions based on your own financial condition, goals, timelines, horizons, risk tolerance, and so on.
Money Where Our Mouth Is, But Not 100% Overlap In Portfolios
Many other financial publications either have an outright ban on those affiliated with the publication investing in the recommendations, or else they impose a delay of 3 days or so.  Financial publications published by Renewed Mind Publishing are typically “look-over-our-shoulder” in nature.  Our subscription-based, published Portfolios (always referred to with a capital “P”) are intended to basically reflect companies that we already invest in ourselves or otherwise have reasonable intention of so doing.  As such, you’re not forced into a “do as I say, not as I do” scenario, but instead can at least take some degree of comfort knowing that these are companies we have our own personal funds in.  While we are usually personally invested in many of the companies mentioned, understand that might not always be the case.  We have been investing in mining & resource stocks for years, and there may be companies that we hold that were purchased prior to the portfolio being assembled.  And there may be companies that we previously held and sold for a profit that are still attractive at Portfolio levels, but too recent or otherwise redundant or unnecessary for our personal portfolios presently.  In short, while we generally tend to populate the Portfolios with positions we personally hold or intend to, you should not assume that the Portfolios are a precise representation of our own personal portfolios.  Moreover, we even hold diverse positions across several different personal portfolios, so the various Portfolio positions are not necessarily contained in a single investment account.  Further, while the given Portfolio will assume there are evenly-weighted positions, the reality is that neither our personal portfolios nor your own portfolio will always be evenly weighted.  Moreover, results will always vary based on transaction costs, borrowing capital on margin, and other factors beyond our control or purview.  In sum, the Portfolios we track contain many stocks we own ourselves, and thus these are not hypothetical investments in that sense.  But we simply want to draw your attention to the fact that our own portfolios may vary from the tracked Portfolio for any number of reasons.
Void If Any Applicable Law Deems It So
This information is considered void if negatively impacted by any law in any jurisdiction in which you may seek to use it, and it should not be consumed in such instances.
Copyrighted & Vigorously Protected & Prosecuted To Retain Value Of Your Subscription
That said, we believe the value of this information to be extremely high when used in the right way.  We believe our approach is proprietary in nature and the material provided is for our registered subscribers only.  It is copyrighted and we will defend the ownership of our intellectual property vigorously.  Unauthorized reproduction or sharing the material will be prosecuted thoroughly.  All reproduction should be considered unauthorized absent express written permission.



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